April 2, 2012

Health & Life

Hey guys!
Okay, so I'm gonna address this as I do my Diary:
I'm sooooo sorry for not writing, I'm not sure anyone is listening really, but I made a promise to myself that I'd try to track my ideas and wishes through this thing.

Anyway, how've you been? I recently have been trying to take better care of myself, making an effort to eat healthily, dress nicely, take care of my skin. My most recent obsession are grapefruits. Seriously you guys, grapefruits are the food of the gods. Not kidding. You cut that thing in half and sprinkle some sugar on it, no one will complain that they're sour again. Not to mention that grapefruit is SUPER HIGH in calcium, nutrients and antioxidants. YUM! <3
Hope to see you guys soon, I'm gonna do some outfit posts soon since I'm off on vacation to Barcelona!

October 23, 2010

Spring/Summer 2010

I can't believe how pathetic it is that I didn't post anything on last month's FW. Here some of the shows and looks that I loved, and I hope you're as inspired for Spring as I am. (But don't hurry too much Spring, I'm having too much fun with my D&G style ski sweaters (http://www.fashionfame.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/dg-fall-winter-2010-11-campaign.jpeg) and my on-trend lace-up fur wedges! <- all bought in London btw!)
Alberta Ferretti
I love how feminine and beautiful the flowy skirts and dresses are.

Jil Sander

The colors are so rich and stunning!

(+ Alexander Mcqueen, Chanel, Fendi, CHLOE!)
See you soon Guys! <3
xxx Eve

October 3, 2010

Off to London!

This month I'm going to be turning and 16, and since it's an important age, especially for girls (Super Sweet Sixteen anybody?) I was allowed to ask for a present that was somewhat 'bigger' than others, and I chose a little trip to London. London is amazing; I just love the ambiance and the culture (and don't get me started on the shopping!).
So, after anticipating this moment for 3 months, thursday night I will be taking the train to London where I will stay for 5 days.
The only thing I REALLY regret is not being able to be there for fashion week. But I won't complain now will I? :)
See you soon, ( I'll try to get some outfit posts for my trip!)
xxx Eve.

September 26, 2010

Yesterday, I went to a late-night showing of 'Arsenic and Old Lace', an old movie from the 40's, starring Cary Grant. It's more of a Halloween movie, but the spookiness and the comedy were great. Even though it started raining really hard at midnight when we got out, it was still a great night and can't wait to go back and watch some old black and white movies.
Then today I went to an Art Gallery that was showing 30 never-before-seen Audrey Hepburn pictures. They were so stunning, I was holding back tears toward the end. Near the exit, they had an enormous book holding 1000 behind-the-scenes pictures of Audrey, with quotes from her friends and family. Audrey Hepburn is my N°1 idol, and it meant a lot for me to be able to see the pictures of her.
See you soon, and thank you to everyone who follows me, you are greatly appreciated!
xxx Eve

September 11, 2010


Now that the weather is seriously lacking in sunshine (it rained all week, and I was finally able to wear a pair of shorts again -an army-green jacket and cargo shorts, rocking the army look!!), I have to start dressing fall-appropriately. Here's some of my inspiration for the month, love how that model is rocking her fur hat, I really like dressing comfortably in the Fall, mixing sweat-pants and more fitted pieces. I also totally need a jacket like the one above!!! And I think this isn't so MY-age appropriate (15), but OKB (over-the-knee-boots) are undoubtably on my lust-list. The pic of Olivia Palermo isn't really fall-ish, but I just love that outfit, so I thought you wouldn't mind!!
See you soon!!!

September 4, 2010

I have a Chanel Bag!


Yesterday I was in a second-hand shop and I was browsing aimlessly through some of the things, when I found, buried under all the other bags, a vintage Chanel classic flap!! I rushed to the register and procceded to buy it for 20 euros! Because it's vintage, a little dirty, and doesn't have the chanel sign on it (in plain sight), the lady thought it was just a knock-off or an imitation chanel bag.
WOW!! It looks a little like the picture (but it's not leather, its canvas, and instead of a chanel sign, it just has a clasp)
See you soon everyone!!
Eve xxx

August 25, 2010

Dior Haute Couture Fall 2010

Of all the Haute Couture shows this season, one of my favorites was definitely Dior. Usually I'm not a fan of Galliano's work, but Dior has such timeless pieces it's impossible NOT to fall in love with its romance. But for this show, I thought Galliano's spunk and creativity and Dior's classic essence (I hate that word, but I think it fits here) came together perfecty to create upturned bouquets of colourful,stunning works of art. Everything, from the hair wrapped in cellophane, to the subtle, elegant heels was perfect. Although for Haute Couture Fall 2010, flowers is a bit strange -- n'est-ce pas?
See you soon; xxx