August 25, 2010

Dior Haute Couture Fall 2010

Of all the Haute Couture shows this season, one of my favorites was definitely Dior. Usually I'm not a fan of Galliano's work, but Dior has such timeless pieces it's impossible NOT to fall in love with its romance. But for this show, I thought Galliano's spunk and creativity and Dior's classic essence (I hate that word, but I think it fits here) came together perfecty to create upturned bouquets of colourful,stunning works of art. Everything, from the hair wrapped in cellophane, to the subtle, elegant heels was perfect. Although for Haute Couture Fall 2010, flowers is a bit strange -- n'est-ce pas?
See you soon; xxx

August 23, 2010


Check out this teaser trailer for GG Season 4! There are absolutely no words for what I am feeling right now. I mean, WOW. For me, GG is all about Blair -and Chuck- of course, but ... WOW. So excited for September, I just can't wait!

Almost the end.

Here are some pics of more stuff I bought in Paris (Zara wedges and shirt). I love this shirt because, even though it's short (don't worry, I'm not planning on wearing it like this, with nothing else on!), it reminds me of those gorgeous young french woman who lean out of the window of their apartment in their boyfriend's shirt to smoke a cigarette or sip a cup of coffee, looking over the world as if they owned it, which of course they do. And yes, I want to be one of those women one day -plus I already have the shirt!! :D
See you soon!

August 22, 2010

Back Again!

Last outfit post until I can take more pics (trust me! Back-to-school is going to be gorgeous!! I bought alot of 'timeless' pieces, as well as seasonal ones! That was why I was so excited when I found this Zara swallow dress (which was a MUCH cheaper way to do Miu Miu's S/S 2010 swallow print). I found this dress during a sale -30 euros reduced to 15!- I was so excited to get it and I've been wearing it alot this summer. I'm excited to try a more Fall appropriate way of wearing this dress (maybe layer a blouse under it!) but that will only work for the first 2 weeks of September, then out come the sweaters and Fall fabrics!
PS: This summer I started sewing and made a really cute navy polka dot skirt -very 50's!
See you soon, (for real this time!)

I am writing one post after the other, just because these pictures aren't on my computer, so I am just trying to get them on here already! Can't wait for my own camera!!
Anyway, I'm in France and I saw this old skirt I had in my closet, so I decided to throw it on with a belt and a tank top then go for a walk!!
See you soon, (yes, probably in about the 30 seconds it takes me to make another blog post!)

Finally!!! (I know right???!!!)

Finally managed to post an outfit from Paris! (Not totally my style, but tourist friendly as I was visiting places AND walking around shopping -with Starbucks Grande Espresso Frappuccino (no whipped cream!).
Favorite purchase: Zara 'espadrille' wedges- about 3 inches. (i have no idea actually, I am European -i mesure in cm...) :P
I have another outfit that I will post soon, plus a little 'photoshoot' with my sister!
See you soon!