August 23, 2010

Almost the end.

Here are some pics of more stuff I bought in Paris (Zara wedges and shirt). I love this shirt because, even though it's short (don't worry, I'm not planning on wearing it like this, with nothing else on!), it reminds me of those gorgeous young french woman who lean out of the window of their apartment in their boyfriend's shirt to smoke a cigarette or sip a cup of coffee, looking over the world as if they owned it, which of course they do. And yes, I want to be one of those women one day -plus I already have the shirt!! :D
See you soon!


  1. hehe you're right about the french women and the shirt, I can see it :)
    I really love those Zara wedges! i might go and get one myself :D

  2. great photos! you look beautiful. xx