July 20, 2010

Chanel Show

Sorry, just another word on the fact that I LOVED the Chanel F/W 2010-2011 show! I thought the décor looked spookily chic (very Karl Lagerfeld I'd have to say) although I did hear that the story of the décor was not exactly eco-friendly, which was a pity). I'm not that into fur, but I like the faux-fur in the show (at the same time, was Karl going for eco-friendly or not...?)
Hope to see faux-fur on lots of people this winter, I thought it was not at all over-the-top, and stayed in the boundaries of the classic Chanel looks without going boring. Hope to see faux-fur on everyone this winter, thanks Chanel! <3


Oh, how I love Paris; it really is the city of lights. Everything seems built in such a way that you are immediately plunged into the most romantic ambiance you can imagine. Oh, of course the shopping is amazing, the food fantastic and the people just... beautiful, but the whole ensemble makes Paris my favorite city (along of course with the hipness of London).
While I was there, I managed to pick up a French Vogue ('pick up' being being quite literal for this trip unfortunately) because this particular vogue had EVERY SINGLE collection by EVERY SINGLE designer who showed their F/W 2011 looks in Paris, Milan, London and New York (but cost 26 euros - has anyone every heard of a MAGAZINE costing close to 30 euros?!). Needless to say that I almost missed my train and left the shop with a heavy heart.

July 11, 2010


I'm going off to Paris for a few days ( thursday to Saturday normally) and will try to take some pictures of my outfits of the day!
After all, 'lorsqu'on est à Paris, il faut être chic'
Been readin alot, I finished 'the Age of Innocence' and am now reading 'The Luxe' ... very good stuff!!
Kisses and Hugs,

July 8, 2010

... The Start

Okay, so this is the beginning of my hope-to-be-successful blog. I was hoping to upload pictures of myself, but blogger won't let me. I will hope that once I get a camera things will be more fulfilling, but right now its just me and some thoughts.
First things first, my name is Eve, I'm french-american and I currently live in Europe, but for now, I'm not gonna say where. I am 15 years old and turn 16 on october 30th. I am currently at my vacation house in Burgundy, loving the wine and cheese. :D
I recently got a sewing machine ( it's beautiful and all-sexy-like) and will be starting to sew as soon I can score some materials.
I'm in love with the Alexa bag from Mulberry. I think it's the perfect balance of postman and 50's schoolboy... and I just love it! I am currently looking for a bag like this for school ( obviously not this one, because, -sigh-, it's 695 pounds and I don't know how many euros or dollars). Contact me if you find a somewhat-cheaper one.