July 8, 2010

... The Start

Okay, so this is the beginning of my hope-to-be-successful blog. I was hoping to upload pictures of myself, but blogger won't let me. I will hope that once I get a camera things will be more fulfilling, but right now its just me and some thoughts.
First things first, my name is Eve, I'm french-american and I currently live in Europe, but for now, I'm not gonna say where. I am 15 years old and turn 16 on october 30th. I am currently at my vacation house in Burgundy, loving the wine and cheese. :D
I recently got a sewing machine ( it's beautiful and all-sexy-like) and will be starting to sew as soon I can score some materials.
I'm in love with the Alexa bag from Mulberry. I think it's the perfect balance of postman and 50's schoolboy... and I just love it! I am currently looking for a bag like this for school ( obviously not this one, because, -sigh-, it's 695 pounds and I don't know how many euros or dollars). Contact me if you find a somewhat-cheaper one.

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  1. i love it as well! it's totally gorgeous, i've been eying it for ages. welcome to the blogosphere!