July 20, 2010


Oh, how I love Paris; it really is the city of lights. Everything seems built in such a way that you are immediately plunged into the most romantic ambiance you can imagine. Oh, of course the shopping is amazing, the food fantastic and the people just... beautiful, but the whole ensemble makes Paris my favorite city (along of course with the hipness of London).
While I was there, I managed to pick up a French Vogue ('pick up' being being quite literal for this trip unfortunately) because this particular vogue had EVERY SINGLE collection by EVERY SINGLE designer who showed their F/W 2011 looks in Paris, Milan, London and New York (but cost 26 euros - has anyone every heard of a MAGAZINE costing close to 30 euros?!). Needless to say that I almost missed my train and left the shop with a heavy heart.

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