August 22, 2010

Back Again!

Last outfit post until I can take more pics (trust me! Back-to-school is going to be gorgeous!! I bought alot of 'timeless' pieces, as well as seasonal ones! That was why I was so excited when I found this Zara swallow dress (which was a MUCH cheaper way to do Miu Miu's S/S 2010 swallow print). I found this dress during a sale -30 euros reduced to 15!- I was so excited to get it and I've been wearing it alot this summer. I'm excited to try a more Fall appropriate way of wearing this dress (maybe layer a blouse under it!) but that will only work for the first 2 weeks of September, then out come the sweaters and Fall fabrics!
PS: This summer I started sewing and made a really cute navy polka dot skirt -very 50's!
See you soon, (for real this time!)

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