April 2, 2012

Health & Life

Hey guys!
Okay, so I'm gonna address this as I do my Diary:
I'm sooooo sorry for not writing, I'm not sure anyone is listening really, but I made a promise to myself that I'd try to track my ideas and wishes through this thing.

Anyway, how've you been? I recently have been trying to take better care of myself, making an effort to eat healthily, dress nicely, take care of my skin. My most recent obsession are grapefruits. Seriously you guys, grapefruits are the food of the gods. Not kidding. You cut that thing in half and sprinkle some sugar on it, no one will complain that they're sour again. Not to mention that grapefruit is SUPER HIGH in calcium, nutrients and antioxidants. YUM! <3
Hope to see you guys soon, I'm gonna do some outfit posts soon since I'm off on vacation to Barcelona!

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