September 4, 2010

I have a Chanel Bag!


Yesterday I was in a second-hand shop and I was browsing aimlessly through some of the things, when I found, buried under all the other bags, a vintage Chanel classic flap!! I rushed to the register and procceded to buy it for 20 euros! Because it's vintage, a little dirty, and doesn't have the chanel sign on it (in plain sight), the lady thought it was just a knock-off or an imitation chanel bag.
WOW!! It looks a little like the picture (but it's not leather, its canvas, and instead of a chanel sign, it just has a clasp)
See you soon everyone!!
Eve xxx


  1. wow, I love this bag it´s really amazing !
    I´m hoping that I´ll find something like this bag when I´m going to shop at a vintage-store!

  2. og wow, why do i never find anything remotely as exciting when i thrift shop?